Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sewing Machine Serendipity: The Cabinet

So I had my "new" 1962 Singer Slant-O-Matic 503A.  But it was so awkward sewing on the table.  I HAD to have a cabinet for the poor guy.

I had a few requirements. My house is pretty small and there's only one good space to sew so it had to fit in that space.  I also wanted it to have drawers for storage like my mom's awesome sewing machine cabinet.  I had seen sewing machine cabinets at my local thrift store before so I knew where to look.

And it was Sewing Machine Serendipity. 

The PERFECT cabinet was there. It had drawers for storage.  It was just the right size - to within AN INCH - of the available space at home.  IIt was old but not TOO old.  They wanted $30.00 for it and it already had a machine in it. An old White brand machine. I didn't need the machine so I used my powers of wheeling and dealing and managed to talk the guy down to $15.00!!!

I brought it home (which was a circus act trying to get it in and out of the car by myself) and, to my dismay, the hole for the machine was too small. But fortunately for me, my husband is the greatest handyman the world has ever seen. And in about 30 seconds he had cut off the extra strip of wood on the cabinet and my machine fit like a glove.

The drawers on the side are great for filling with all kinds of sewing things. At least I imagine they would be; the kids like dumping them and rooting around in them so I just keep their stuff in there for now.  But one day.....

The finish is great.  Someone named Jane (or Jane's sister who wanted to get Jane in trouble) scratched her name into the rim of the top but it's hardly noticable.  There is a mark on the back with the name of the company.  Some day I will pull it away from the wall and look at it but it's a solid cabinet and with the weight of Sinclair the sewing machine it's quite a job.

It's a great cabinet.  And you can't beat $15.00.

(I know it's lame that I don't have a picture of the cabinet but I promise I will get one up here ASAP).

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