Friday, August 31, 2012

ANOTHER Sewing Machine?

Dodge, my delightful 4 year old, said something hilarious the other day.

I had brought home yet another machine to add to my ever-changing collection.

I hauled it in and put it in the hall (with the three newest machines in my menagerie. I saw him looking at them all, thinking. Finally he said, "If we get any more sewing machines we won't be able to walk around the house and they will CRUSH us!"

Hmm. Maybe 9 sewing machines is a little excessive...

...but only maybe.


  1. I enjoyed reading your posts about your Slant-O-Matics. I wish I could fall in love with mine the way you love yours. I find the slant needle kind of finicky and compared to my smooth as silk 201, it runs kind of loud and rough even though I keep it cleaned and oiled. It's good machine, yes, but definitely not my go-to for most of my sewing. However I do agree that it absolutely the coolest looking sewing machine EVER!

  2. They really are the coolest looking machines!

    I hope you don't give up on Slant-O-Matics entirely!

    It's true I am a sucker for the Slant-O-Matics but I will admit there are times when I go to my Featherweight with all it's perfect straight-stitching adorableness.

    Thanks for stopping by!